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On-Call Plus provides the following additional valuable benefits:

We will send a code to the cellphone number provided by you or your beneficiary, to be used on your pre-paid electricity meter.

  • Vehicle rental at discounted rates from rental companies contracted by Assupol
  • The vehicle rental is subject to the contract provisions of the rental company. The most important of these are that you must have a valid driver’s licence, pay a deposit for toll-fees and fuel, and sign a letter accepting responsibility for traffic fines and insurance excesses for damage to the vehicle
  • A credit card is not needed. The deposit can be paid in cash or by debit card
  • Instead of renting a vehicle, you can ask for cash and use it to pay for a bus, train or any other form of transport
  • Airtime from any network provider
  • We will send it to the cellphone number provided by you or your beneficiary


If you or your beneficiary chooses to receive the On-Call Plus benefit in cash, it will be paid when the funeral benefit is paid. 

If the benefit amount and premium for your funeral cover increase yearly, the benefit amount and premium for On-Call Plus increase yearly by the same percentage. The On-Call Plus benefit amount is R2 500 in the first year of the benefit.

On-Call Plus benefits will not be paid if the life insured dies of natural causes or commits suicide within six months after the cover for that life insured started.


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