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News, Interesting Reads and Assupol Cares

Welcome to the Assupol Blog. In this space, we will update you on the latest events and news, as well as with financial literacy articles, thought leadership pieces, and advice. We will also share what Assupol is doing to uplift local communities countrywide through our Assupol Cares division.

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- 29 Jun 2020

Nine money mistakes holding you back

We often think our money problems are because we don’t earn enough. This is simply not true. Here are nine money mistakes that are holding you back.

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Interesting Reads - 15 May 2020

3 Aspects of Living a Balanced Life

It has become increasingly difficult to live a balanced life. It is important to work hard but it is equally important to ensure you have a balanced life.

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Interesting Reads - 07 May 2020

Why save for retirement?

Consistent saving is not easy, but it will earn you financial freedom and control during your later years. This is why you should save for retirement.

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News and Press Releases - 07 Apr 2020

Assupol accredited with B-BBEE Level 1

Assupol Life is pleased to announce the completion of its B-BBEE verification process and has been awarded a Level 1 rating.

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Assupol Cares - 07 Apr 2020

Creating employment opportunities for the youth in ECD

Assupol, has through its Community Trust, partnered with the government’s Youth Employment Service (YES) to invest in the employment of our country’s youth.

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Assupol Cares - 27 Mar 2020

Furthering opportunities for young talent

Serving as an agent of social change is a critical part of Assupol’s 106-year history. Assupol promotes financial inclusion by recruiting female graduates.

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Assupol Cares - 10 Mar 2020

Dream birthday for girl with life-threatening illness

Through the ACEI, 13-year-old Buhle Mlunguza, was treated to her first birthday celebration in her hometown of Tsomo in the Eastern Cape.

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Interesting Reads - 13 Feb 2020

A financial plan to meet your needs at every stage

Every stage of your life will require different needs and this means different products. Understanding the different stages wil help you evaluate.

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Interesting Reads - 10 Jan 2020

26 Things you can do to make it an exceptional year

2020 is an exceptional year – especially when you consider you have an added day to smash goals, do good and make a difference in beautiful Mzanzi.

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Interesting Reads - 05 Jan 2020

6 Money-savvy tips for the “Janu-worry” season

With increases in almost everything and living expenses skyrocketing, it has been a difficult year for consumers. You need to be savvy with your finances.

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Interesting Reads - 27 Dec 2019

Setting goals to smash in the New Year

Goals. Things people tend to think about a lot in the New Year, especially in terms of resolutions. But unlike "those" resolutions, goals should ideally not be abandoned by February.

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Interesting Reads - 05 Dec 2019

Money, money, money: it’s a wise person’s world

If you don’t save or invest your money, you will spend it! It may be difficult to be disciplined , but it is very important that you save.

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