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        News, Interesting Reads and Assupol Cares

        Welcome to the Assupol Blog. In this space, we will update you on the latest events and news, as well as with financial literacy articles, thought leadership pieces, and advice. We will also share what Assupol is doing to uplift local communities countrywide through our Assupol Cares division.

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        Interesting Reads | News and Press Releases - 13 Jul 2021

        Assupol is united in service

        Assupol employees are integral in driving our service ethos. We believe that: "We cannot serve those who serve unless we serve each other".

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        Interesting Reads - 15 Jun 2021

        National Environment Month – Ecosystem Restoration

        It’s National Environment Month and we believe that we all need to be agents of change when it comes to environmental issues. 

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        Interesting Reads - 15 May 2021

        Six things you need to know about buying funeral cover online

        You may have heard about our online funeral cover product instantFuneral™ plan but do you know how easy it is to get cover?

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        Assupol Cares - 07 Apr 2021

        World Health Day 2021 – building a fairer and healthier world

        It’s World Health Day and we are committed to making it a fairer and healthier world through our various Assupol Cares initiatives.

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        Interesting Reads - 15 Feb 2021

        The Do’s and Don’ts before saying “I Do”

        Marriage is perhaps the most profound celebration of love but before you say “I do”, you have to know exactly what lies ahead.

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        Interesting Reads - 16 Jan 2021

        14 Habits you need to break in 2021

        2021 may already have had ups and downs but we still believe it can be a great year if we take steps to ensure a better financial future.

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        Interesting Reads - 17 Nov 2020

        Protect yourself against fraud and scams

        November is fraud awareness month and we would like to share some information and tips to help protect you from Fraud.  

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        News and Press Releases - 10 Nov 2020

        Assupol’s Museum of Heroes

        The Assupol Museum of Heroes is a newly developed virtual museum launched in October 2020.

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        Interesting Reads - 26 Oct 2020

        Why do you need a will?

        It is National Wills Week and we wanted to answer some of the questions you may have that keep you up at night and answer the question “do you need a will”.

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        Interesting Reads - 10 Oct 2020

        Mental Health Awareness Month

        With it being  Mental Health Awareness Month in October, we believe it is important to highlight some key points surrounding mental illness.

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        Interesting Reads - 30 Sep 2020

        Why do I need a password to access my policy?

        Here are a few reasons why you need a password to access the Assupol Client and Rewards Portal and your policy information. “Why do I need a password to access my policy information?” – you may ask.

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        Interesting Reads - 15 Sep 2020

        Assupol Claims: Important information to know about claiming on your policy

        We would like to share this important information about claiming with you so that you know all about claiming on your policy.

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