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        News, Interesting Reads and Assupol Cares

        Welcome to the Assupol Blog. In this space, we will update you on the latest events and news, as well as with financial literacy articles, thought leadership pieces, and advice. We will also share what Assupol is doing to uplift local communities countrywide through our Assupol Cares division.

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        Interesting Reads - 26 Oct 2020

        Why do you need a will?

        It is National Wills Week and we wanted to answer some of the questions you may have that keep you up at night and answer the question “do you need a will”.

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        Interesting Reads - 10 Oct 2020

        Mental Health Awareness Month

        With it being  Mental Health Awareness Month in October, we believe it is important to highlight some key points surrounding mental illness.

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        Interesting Reads - 30 Sep 2020

        Why do I need a password to access my policy?

        Here are a few reasons why you need a password to access the Assupol Client and Rewards Portal and your policy information. “Why do I need a password to access my policy information?” – you may ask.

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        Interesting Reads - 15 Sep 2020

        Assupol Claims: Important information to know about claiming on your policy

        We would like to share this important information about claiming with you so that you know all about claiming on your policy.

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        Interesting Reads - 18 Aug 2020

        Women’s Month: 29 excellent pieces of advice from our employees

        It’s Women’s Month. A time of year that is important to Assupol Life. To celebrate, we asked some of our female employees their pearls of wisdom...

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        Assupol Rewards turns 1 with some exciting news!

        Interesting Reads | News and Press Releases - 13 Aug 2020

        Assupol Rewards turns 1 with some exciting news!

        August is Assupol Rewards’ birthday month and as we prepare to “blow out the candle” celebrating our one year mark, we have some exciting news and interesting stats to share with you.

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        Interesting Reads - 23 Jul 2020

        Nine tips to ensure you are saving like a pro

        There is a saying “It’s not how much money you are making; it’s how you are saving it”. July is National Savings Month and we feel strongly about saving.

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        Interesting Reads - 29 Jun 2020

        Nine money mistakes holding you back

        We often think our money problems are because we don’t earn enough. This is simply not true. Here are nine money mistakes that are holding you back.

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        Interesting Reads - 15 May 2020

        3 Aspects of Living a Balanced Life

        It has become increasingly difficult to live a balanced life. It is important to work hard but it is equally important to ensure you have a balanced life.

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        Interesting Reads - 07 May 2020

        Why save for retirement?

        Consistent saving is not easy, but it will earn you financial freedom and control during your later years. This is why you should save for retirement.

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        News and Press Releases - 07 Apr 2020

        Assupol accredited with B-BBEE Level 1

        Assupol Life is pleased to announce the completion of its B-BBEE verification process and has been awarded a Level 1 rating.

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        Assupol Cares - 07 Apr 2020

        Creating employment opportunities for the youth in ECD

        Assupol, has through its Community Trust, partnered with the government’s Youth Employment Service (YES) to invest in the employment of our country’s youth.

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