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        Women Distribution Channel

        Women Distribution Channel

        Creating inclusion for female candidates

        Through the Woman Distribution Channel (WDC), Assupol aims to create valuable career, growth and development opportunities for young females in the financial services sector.

        WDC seeks these opportunities in partnership with Omama Besizwe Investments, who has more than one million women registered on its database. As part of the programme, applicants are supported through an extensive training process that prepares them to be financial planners and advisors.

        Requirements the candidate must meet

        • A qualification approved by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (law, commerce, marketing and management)
        • Motivated and focussed individual with an entrepreneurial mind set

        Assupol will provide the following support to the candidate

        • Training to ensure that prospective advisors are able to provide professional advice and intermediary services
        • Supervision – provide financial services whilst under supervision of qualified and experienced key individual
        • Opportunities to market Assupol products suitable to clients’ risks and conduct financial needs analysis
        • Coaching and mentoring by approved key Individuals.

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