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Our claims process:

Visit a branch

Visit any of our countrywide branches where you will be assisted with your claim.
Don’t forget to take your claim documentation with you.

Death Claim

Use this form for a death of a dependant on your policy

Cashback Claim

Use this claim form for a Cashback claim

Withdrawals Claim

Use this form for a claim on a School Fund Provider, Cash Provider or One Savings

Maturity Claim

Use this claim form to claim your maturity claim

Claim notice

Assupol pays out millions of rands in policy benefits every month. We make every effort to pay these benefits as quickly as possible. Despite our best efforts, payments can sometimes be delayed if the policyholder doesn’t claim the benefits they are entitled to, or if we are unable to contact them. For that reason, we would advise you as an Assupol policyholder to contact us if your details change, for example, if you move to a new house.

We will always do our best to find policyholders, but by keeping your contact details up to date, you can help us make faster benefit payments.

In the case of government employees who are policyholders, government has agreed to help us pay such unclaimed benefits into the same bank accounts that their salaries are paid into. The bank account details will remain private.

If you have received a benefit payment and you are not sure why, please call us on 0861 235 664 and we will explain it to you.


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