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        Buy funeral cover online

        Assupol instant Funeral™ Plan

        Get funeral cover online in under 10 minutes.

        Taking a little time now to organise your funeral cover could save you and your loved ones a great deal of stress and anxiety in the future.

        Buy funeral cover now

        Policy highlights:

        • Only pay premiums next month.
        • Add On-Call Plus to get our market-leading feature –instant Groceries™.
        • Other useful benefits include Accidental Death, Assupol On-Call, Family Income, premium waivers and Cashback.
        • Fill in the online form and receive your policy documents via email once it accepted.

        Step 1: Getting started

          Single Plan  
        Single Plan
        Cover for yourself.
          Family Plan 
        Family Plan
        Cover for yourself, one spouse and unlimited children. Dependent children must be under 21 years at the start of the benefit. Children receive a portion of this benefit amount based on their age.
        Funeral benefit amount
        This is the main benefit of the policy. We will pay the benefit amount on the death of a life insured.
          No increase  
          5% increase  
          10% increase  

        Instant Accidental Death benefit
        Instant Accidental Death benefit:
        The Instant Accidental Death benefit is automatically included, and provides R5 000 accidental death cover for all the lives insured under the policy from when we have accepted the application for the policy to when the policy benefits start.
        Assupol On-Call
        Assupol On-Call
        This benefit provides a 24-hour telephone helpline as well as a wide range of personal support, such as transport of deceased persons, transport in medical emergencies, trauma counselling, and helpful information on funeral, medical and financial matters.
        On-Call Plus
        On-Call Plus
        We will pay the benefit amount on the death of a life insured. The benefit amount starts at R 2 500 per life insured and increases with the funeral benefit.
        Family Income benefit
        Family Income Benefit
        This benefit provides R1 000 per month for a period of six months to be paid on your death to cover living expenses for your remaining dependents.
        Cashback benefit
        Cashback benefit
        This benefit pays you an amount equal to six times the average monthly premium of the policy at the end of every four years.
        Premium Waiver - Death
        Premium Waiver – death (Family Plan only)
        Premiums will end on your death, but benefit amounts will remain unchanged for your spouse and dependent children.
        Premium Waiver - Retrenchment benefit
        Premium Waiver – retrenchment benefit
        If you are retrenched, and while you remain unemployed, you don’t have to pay premiums for a period of 6 months.
        Accidental Death benefit
        Accidental Death benefit:
        Double the funeral benefit amount will be paid under this benefit should you, your spouse or dependent child die as a result of an accident.
        Memorial benefit
        Memorial Benefit
        This benefit is paid 5 or 11 months after you, your spouse or children die.
        The benefit is made up of two parts:
        • an amount of R5000 or R10 000 that is paid into your or your beneficiary’s bank account
        • a R2 500 instantGroceries™ benefit.
          R 7 500  
          R 12 500  

        Step 2: Your Personal info

          Same as above

        Step 3: Add other lives insured and nominate a beneficiary

        Step 4: Add bank details

        I authorize Assupol to draw the premiums from my bank account. If the premium changes for any reason in terms of the policy, or by agreement between Assupol and me, the changed premium may likewise be drawn from my bank account. If payment cannot be done on the preferred day of the month filled in above, it must be done on a day as close as possible to that day, determined by Assupol. If the policy ends, this authorization also ends. I may cancel, amend or replace this authorization by written notice to Assupol. I accept that Assupol must receive the notice not later than 3 days before the month from which the cancellation, amendment or replacement is to apply. The reference on your bank account statement will start with: Assupol.

        • To ensure peace of mind for you and your family, Assupol will use a reasonable premium collection method. We want to make sure that premiums are not missed so you and your family will enjoy uninterrupted cover.
        • To do this, we may also track and debit your account before your specified debit date to improve the likelihood of a successful premium collection. There is no extra cost to you.
        • Keep in mind that if you have insufficient funds in your account to pay your premium, your bank will apply a penalty fee.

          I agree to the above

        Step 5: Wrapping up

        Confirm policy benefits, provisions, declarations

        I have an insurable interest in every person on whose life I apply to take out insurance, because I am financially responsible for his or her funeral, or because of another reason. I and every such person are South African citizens or permanent residents with valid South African ID numbers. If asked, I will give Assupol proof of the insurable interest and citizenship.

          I agree to the above

        Assupol may use personal information about me, as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act (Popia), which has been lawfully obtained in the past or which may be obtained in the future, including the personal information provided to Assupol for this application for the following purposes:

        • to consider applications for policies of which I am the policyholder or a life insured; and
        • for any lawful purpose regarding Assupol policies as may have been issued to me in the past and may be issued in the future, particularly to consider claims for benefits and to trace persons who could receive benefits (Important: tracing fees may be deducted from benefits).

        Assupol may for these purposes, at any time, also after my death:

        • obtain such relevant personal information about me from other persons and entities, particularly from other insurers and I authorize them to give such information to Assupol;
        • share such information with other insurers – directly or through a database that insurers operate as an industry group, and in such form as Assupol or the other operators of the database may decide within the confines of Popia;
        • store this information on databases that may at times be hosted outside the borders of South Africa, subject to compliance with the conditions for lawful processing of personal information as set out in Popia. Assupol will at all times make sure that the country in which such data may be hosted affords me the same or better protection of my privacy than required by Popia.

        Assupol will, at all times, keep information about me secure and will not destroy it within 20 years after my policy ended. During the 20-year period my information will be appropriately safeguarded and used for historical, statistical or research purposes.

        Please refer to our Privacy Notice for more information about how we keep your personal information safe. It can be found on or from any of our branches or by calling 0861 BELONG.

          I agree to the above

        They and their agents may use such information to assist me with my insurance and financial needs, and from time to time offer other products and services to me.


        I understand and agree with everything in: (1) my declaration above, (2) this application, (3) the quotation provided. I understand when benefits will not be paid or may be reduced or limited, and I am satisfied that I will be able to pay the premiums of the policy I apply for.

          I agree to the above

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        • You’ll get a quote online, and your policy document will be sent to you by e-mail once you’ve applied successfully.
        • Add On-Call Plus to get our market-leading feature – instant Groceries™.
        • Other useful benefits include Accidental Death, Assupol On-Call, Family Income, premium waivers and Cashback.
        • Policy benefits start on the 1st of next month – but our unique Instant Accidental Death benefit starts immediately for all the lives on your policy (once you’ve applied successfully).
        • You will only start paying premiums next month.
        • Please note that premiums can only be paid from a bank account in your name, joint accounts are not accepted at this stage.
        • All valid, registered claims are paid in 24 hours or sooner.

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