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Policy Benefits

This benefit provides cover for a spouse as well as children and grandchildren under the age of 21 in the care of pensioners. Our members may add a spouse and up to eight children at a small extra contribution. Cover is for the whole of life of the spouse, child or grandchild.

This affordable addition provides a monthly income to the families of our Pensioner Plan members on their death. It recognises the fact that pensioners living in rural areas in many cases are the principal breadwinners.

This benefit provides funds for a tombstone for loved ones. The funds can be paid together with the benefits of our Pensioner Plan or 6 or 12 months after the death of a member. An additional contribution must be paid for this benefit.

In addition to the direct benefits specified above, our members also gain other significant advantages:

  • No joining fee;
  • No medical examinations, although a waiting period applies;
  • Low premiums, but excellent cover;
  • Immediate cover for unnatural death;
  • Convenient deduction of premiums directly from state grants;
  • If a policy lapses, it may be reinstated by the member within six months by paying the arrear premiums;
  • A countrywide network of offices providing convenience and excellent service;
  • Valid claims are paid in cash within 24 hours after receipt of the required claim documents; 
  • The cash benefit is paid directly to the beneficiary.
  Cornerstone Pensioner Plan
Minimum premium (monthly) R70
Lives covered The policyholder is the main life insured. Spouse and children may also be covered at an additional premium
Waiting period for natural death Yes, 6 months from the policy’s start date
Waiting period for accidental death None, immediate cover for accidental death
Family Care Benefit
Income for the family for three to five months after the death of the main life insured
Additional premium
Tombstone Benefit
This additional benefit is paid after the death of the main life insured
Additional premium
Dependent Benefit
This benefit provides cover for children and grandchildren under age 21 who are in the care of pensioners. With this benefit our members have the option to add up to eight children. Cover is for the whole life of the child or grandchild.
Additional premium


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