We have two options, each with its own unique benefits, which you can choose from to suit your needs. Both plans can be taken out immediately over the phone

Single planFamily plan
Maximum benefit (cover)R75 000R75 000
Lives coveredlife insuredlife insured, his or her spouse and up to 5 children
Extended family members
May be added to the funeral plan up to the age of 79
additional premiumadditional premium
Waiting period for natural deathyes – 6 months from the policy’s acceptance dateyes – 6 months from the policy’s acceptance date
Waiting period for accidental deathimmediate coverimmediate cover
Instant accidental death cover until the policy startsyes – R5 000yes – R5 000
Premium increaseyes – premiums (10%) and benefits (6%) every yearyes – premiums (10%) and benefits (6%) every year
Family income benefit
Income for your family for 6 months after your death
additional premiumadditional premium
Memorial Benefit
paid out 5 or 11 months after the death of a life insured
additional premiumadditional premium
Double pay-out on accidental deathadditional premiumadditional premium
Guaranteed cash back
Receive money every 4 years even if you claim
additional premiumadditional premium
Premium Waiver
Guaranteed insurance for your family, without them having to pay any premiums after your death
additional premiumadditional premium
Premium Waiver – retrenchment
Guaranteed insurance for you and your family, without paying any premiums for up to 6 months if you get retrenched from your job.
additional premiumadditional premium
Assupol On-Call
HIV/Aids assistance
Information about medical matters and General telephonic medical assistance – by a qualified nursing sister
Ambulance and other transport in a life-threatening medical emergency
Admission fee to a medical facility
Transport of the deceased and family members
Other benefits if the life insured dies
Trauma counselling
Tutor assistance to children
Information about financial matters
instantDiscounts™ if the life insured dies
Discount on funerals
additional premiumadditional premium
On-Call Plus
This benefit pays out on the death of a life insured and can be spent in any combination on instantGroceries®, electricity, transport and airtime.
Valid instantGroceries® claims are paid in minutes after a claim has been registered, and can be spent at participating shops countrywide – this includes Checkers, Pick n Pay and Shoprite.
Real convenience in a time of need.
additional premiumadditional premium
This benefit provides cover for non-medical expenses as a result of hospitalisation.
It pays out after three or more consecutive nights in hospital.
Download Health+ brochure
Health+ terms and conditions
additional premiumadditional premium

Our paid-up feature is automatically included at no additional cost if the main life insured is younger than 55 years at the start of the policy. This feature means that premiums will no longer be payable after the main life insured’s 65th birthday, while all benefits will remain in force.


  • Benefits are provided for life and will not cease once you turn 65, retire or leave your present employment.
  • Instant accidental death cover is provided until your policy starts.

Please note that contract provisions apply to all policies. Contact us today to learn more.