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        Trade our shares

        Trade our shares

        Shares in Assupol Holdings trade on the exchange operated by 4 Africa Exchange (4AX).

        How to trade Assupol shares & who is A-Trade?

        Trading in Assupol shares are only available on the 4AX trading platform through a 4AX- approved stockbroker such as A-Trade Proprietary Limited (A-Trade).

        A-Trade has made different account options available for purposes of trading securities on 4AX, such as an A-Trade Individual Trading Account.

        Assupol shareholders who intend trading in Assupol shares, are required to open an A-Trade individual trading account.

        The A-Trade account opening process is free of charge and, in addition, A-Trade individual trading account holders are:

        • not required to pay monthly administration fees; and
        • not subject to minimum trading fees when trading shares on the 4AX exchange platform

        How to open an A-Trade account?

        To open an A-Trade stockbroker account and start trading your Assupol shares please follow the process outlined below:

        Option 1: Online registration

        Please visit the A-Trade registration page and follow the step-by-step registration prompts.

        You will receive the A-Trade mandate via e-mail, which needs to be signed and returned to A-Trade at

        Option 2: Call centre registration

        Should you wish to be in contact with an A-Trade consultant directly to assist you with your A-Trade account registration or any related queries, please contact A-Trade on 087 095 3359.

        Once you have successfully registered your A-Trade account, you will be able to trade your Assupol shares online and on your smart phone via the A-Trade Client Portal using your A-Trade username and password received during the registration process.

        For more information regarding A-Trade and how to open an A-Trade account, please refer to the Information Booklet “Admission of Assupol Holdings to 4AX , alternatively please visit or e-mail A-Trade at or call 087 095 3359.


        To view or download:

        • Announcements
        • Assupol 4AX Admission Documents
        • Related 4AX Information

        Click Here To Access the Assupol 4AX Designated Exchange Page

        View the latest Assupol share-trading information (Bids & Offers) real-time:

        Click Here To Access The A-Trade On-Line Trading Platform

        View Assupol Holdings Listing Particulars

        View Formal Notice Assupol Holdings Limited


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