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        Cookie Notice

        1. Assupol “Cookies” and “Sessions” Policy

        The Assupol website and associated platforms may use “Cookies” and “Sessions”, which are small text files stored in a browser of a user and/or other legal methods to follow a user’s movements when interacting with the site. These are used to improve the Assupol website, digital products and services and are widely used across all industries worldwide. “Cookies” will not discover a user’s identity and do not damage a user’s computer. There are several types of “Cookies” and “Sessions” and they have different uses – they may be used for analytical purposes, administrative support or to maintain security of a site. “Cookies” can expire at the end of a browser session (as soon as a user leaves the website or they can be stored for longer. Below is more information regarding “Cookies” and “Sessions”.

        2. More information about “Cookies” and “Sessions”

        There are several types of “Cookies” and “Sessions” and definitions, some of which overlap. Below are some definitions to assist users in understanding “Cookies” and “Sessions” better. Type Description/definition Analytical/Performance “Cookies” Allow a website to recognise, count and track users as they move across the site to improve the user experience. Analytical “Cookies” do not track personal information or individual user information. Functionality “Cookies” Allow a website to recognise a user when a user returns to a website to personalise content. For example, the website remembers a user’s site preferences and choices they make on the site including username, region, and language. Strictly Necessary “Cookies” Required for the operation of a website. If a user completely disables all “Cookies” on their browser settings, the website functionality may be affected. Session “Cookies” Temporary and link the actions of a user while they are browsing a website. Once a user navigates away from the website, they become inactive. Persistent “Cookies” Known as permanent “Cookies” and are stored on a device until they expire or a user deletes them. They are used for a variety of reasons like remembering a user’s preferences/choices or to display relevant advertising messages to a user. First Party “Cookies” In simple terms – created by the website a user visits and only used by that website. These are used to improve user experience. Third Party “Cookies” May be owned and created by a third-party or another company servicing a website or business (example: social media sharing, website analytics or remarketing campaigns). Third Party “Cookies” can also be set by another domain and be used in a way that the website has no control over. Assupol recommends that all users review privacy notices of all websites they visit before providing personal information. It is also advisable for all users to review their “Cookie” settings on their browsers. Google Analytics Widely used and trusted web analytics service provided by Google. This helps websites identify users/returning users to the site and analyses how users use the site (which pages are visited, the duration of the visit, what device is used etc.) The information generated by the “Cookie” on the navigation of a website when Google Analytics is enabled, is transmitted to and stored by Google. This information is used for reporting and evaluating operations on a website and is used as a tool to improve a site. No personal information is collected by Google Analytics. YouTube “Cookies” Occur on websites that embed videos from their YouTube channels. YouTube may set “Cookies” on a user’s device when they click on the player. Users are advised to view YouTube’s embedding and privacy policies as these may change over time. Advertising/Targeting “Cookies” Assist in relevant marketing and targeting of users. Users may see advertisements that are based on pages they visited on a website but the information collected is anonymous and no personal data is collected unless a user expressly shares their details or asks to be contacted. This type of “Cookie” may also mean that a user will see advertisements on a product they viewed on other websites they have visited.

        3. Managing, restricting or disabling “Cookies”

        By using the Assupol website and associated platforms, users agree to place “Cookies” and “Sessions” on their devices. All users can refuse or restrict the use of “Cookies” in the settings of their browsers but this may directly impact how the website functions and is not recommended. All information gathered by “Cookies” and “Sessions” on Assupol’s website or digital channels do not include personal information unless a user expressly consents and submits a form requesting collection and giving permission for the use of their information. For more information on restricting or managing “Cookies” on various devices and browsers visit:

        For more information regarding Assupol’s privacy policy please visit:

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