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Principles and practices of financial management (PPFM)

None of the contents of this document form part of, or varies, the terms and conditions of any policy issued, or to be issued, by Assupol Life. In the event of any inconsistency, between this document and any policy, the policy terms and conditions will prevail.

This document describes the principles and practices applied by Assupol Life in managing its with-profits business and covers the principles and practices under the following headings:

  • The amount payable under a with-profits policy;
  • Bonus philosophy;
  • Investment strategy;
  • Business risk; and
  • Charges and expenses.
This document has been approved by Assupol Life’s Board and is publicly available. With-profits policyholders will be notified of any amendments to this document which may arise from changes to the structure of Assupol Life and/or the business and regulatory environment.

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