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        Learn more about Assupol’s people, and take a closer look at some of the facts and figures that tell our story.

        The following facts are provided for media use and general interest. If you have specific questions about Assupol, please contact us. We will gladly supply additional information.

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        News . 12 May 2021

        Appointment of Non-Executive Director to the Boards of Directors of Assupol Holdings and Assupol Life Limited

        Assupol Holdings appoints Ms. Lesego Sennelo as an independent non-executive director on the boards of directors (“Boards”) of Assupol Holdings and Assupol Life Limited.

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        News . 30 Apr 2021

        Find out how DebiCheck puts you in control

        Debit order abuse has become a serious concern in South Africa, affecting many consumers who have fallen victim to fraudulent debit orders.

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        News . 02 Feb 2021

        Assupol pays millions to clients in 100% Cashback benefits

        Over 1,500 Assupol clients are projected to receive an average of R27,000 each in pay-outs, as part of the almost R42 million in Cashback benefits that Assupol intends to pay to clients between 1 January and 1 June 2021.

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        News . 11 Dec 2020

        Assupol urges all unconfirmed qualifying demutualisation members to come forward

        Assupol requests all unconfirmed qualifying members of the Assupol demutualisation scheme to come forward and confirm their particulars before 31 December 2020, in order to receive their pay-outs.

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        News . 26 Nov 2020

        Assupol reports 2019/2020 financial results amidst Covid-19 devastation

        Assupol Holdings Limited reports resilient performance in the 2019/2020 financial year.

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        News . 24 Nov 2020


        Assupol & The Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation present The Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival 2020 OnlineSunday 13th DecemberOn“My biggest obsession is to show Africans, and the world, who the people of Africa really are” – Hugh Masekela In the midst of the COVID 19 [...]

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        News . 07 Oct 2020

        Assupol launches the digital Museum of Heroes

        The Assupol Museum of Heroes is a newly developed virtual museum, that seeks to honour and recognise ordinary South Africans who have dedicated themselves to serving and helping others, by keeping their memory alive as eternal heroes in a digital monument

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        News . 30 Sep 2020

        The heritage of dignified send-offs

        The year 2020 has been marred by a lot of conversations and debates about funerals in the African context, given the significant impact of the coronavirus on everyone’s ability to bid a final farewell to their deceased loved ones, the way they are accustomed to. Send-offs are typically categorised [...]

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        News . 30 Aug 2020

        instantDiscounts™ Mall launched to celebrate a year of Assupol Rewards

        The Assupol rewards programme is celebrating its first birthday with the launch of the instantDiscounts™ Mall.

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        News . 03 Aug 2020

        Celebrating those who serve

        As we settle into the cold rainy seasons of the Southern African winter, we are also bracing ourselves for what has been projected by scientists as months that will see an increasing spike in the number of Covid-19 cases.This projection is due to the conditions in which the virus thrives which has b [...]

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        News . 23 Jul 2020

        Assupol flags fraudulent activities

        Assupol has noted with great concern recent attempts to fraudulently access the bank account details of members of the public using Assupol as a reference, with the malicious intent of deducting funds from their bank accounts. This attempt was targeted at both Assupol and non-Assupol clients.Assupol [...]

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        News . 07 Jul 2020

        Assupol receives Gold Seal of Achievement in the Deloitte Best Company Survey

        The 2020 Deloitte Best Company Survey has ranked Assupol in the top 32% of companies in South Africa translating into a Gold Seal of Achievement in the annual survey.“2020 marks our seventh year of participation in the survey and we are encouraged by the good results we continue to yield on an ann [...]

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