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        Assupol flags fraudulent activities

        Assupol flags fraudulent activities

        23 Jul 2020


        Assupol has noted with great concern recent attempts to fraudulently access the bank account details of members of the public using Assupol as a reference, with the malicious intent of deducting funds from their bank accounts. This attempt was targeted at both Assupol and non-Assupol clients.

        Assupol CEO, Bridget Mokwena-Halala said, “there is generally an increase in fraudulent activities in the financial industry during this lockdown period–we would like to urge members of the public to be vigilant of these illegal attempts to deduct funds from their accounts. At Assupol, we follow a strict protocol which governs how we interact with our clients when payment is due.

        We urge that our clients note that if we change our approach, it will be communicated directly with them through official Assupol channels. Until then, if clients receive any other suspicious messages/information addressed under our name, we would like for them to report that to Assupol immediately”, Mokwena-Halala highly urged.  

        Assupol continues to uphold its primary objective of satisfying clients’ needs, this includes constantly keeping a healthy flow of communication, to keep clients aware of any changes or any updates on the status of their policies, as well as any organisational changes that may affect them.

        Listed below are some helpful hints that clients should consider to guard themselves against fraud:

        • Confirm transactions with your insurer or your bank. Do not assume that suspicious SMS notifications are a true reflection of transactions made
        • Do not feel under pressure to make a decision on the spot even if you are contacted by somebody who poses as a representative from your bank’s fraud department
        • Contact your insurer or bank yourself to verify any suspicious activity
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