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        Assupol launches the digital Museum of Heroes

        Assupol launches the digital Museum of Heroes

        07 Oct 2020


        The Assupol Museum of Heroes is a newly developed virtual museum, that seeks to honour and recognise ordinary South Africans who have dedicated themselves to serving and helping others, by keeping their memory alive as eternal heroes in a digital monument.

        This online image gallery is available to all who wish to honour a living or fallen South African hero for how they served their communities.

        “The Museum of Heroes is an extension of Assupol’s clarion call of serving those who serve. From the health workers like Nurse Eagen who serve their communities from the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic to the teachers dedicated to seeing their learners succeed, and the many others whose ethos of serving is a noble example that should be replicated. The Museum of Heroes is a powerful display of honour to members of our communities whose good deeds often go unnoticed,” said Velmah Nzembela, Group Head of Corporate Affairs at Assupol.

        In a time of great uncertainty and economic uneasiness, the digital monument highlights the fact that doing good is not restricted to individuals who hold a certain status in our communities.

        “The Museum of Heroes houses stories and images that serve a powerful reminder that the success of our nation rests in acts of serving one another. We hope that people will take the opportunity to give recognition to our nation’s everyday heroes for their positive contributions,” said Nzembela.

        South Africans are encouraged to nominate heroes from all walks of life, including teachers, policemen and women, cashiers, cleaners, drivers, emergency medical responders, security guards and many more; so that a virtual monument may be created in their honour.

         “We also encourage the public to nominate those who lost their lives while serving others, as a way to honour their memory as fallen heroes,” concluded Nzembela.

        The campaign launches with a competition: nominees stand a chance to win their share of R55 000 in grocery vouchers and Assupol savings products.

        To nominate a hero, visit
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