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Assupol New Brand Advert

Assupol New Brand Advert

18 Mar 2019

Assupol celebrates those who serve through new brand campaign

On 18 March, Assupol Life’s new brand television commercial was launched at Nu Metro Menlyn, at an event that was reminiscent of a blockbuster preview. Except at this preview, the cast members of the commercial were pleasantly surprised to see that they were the stars being honoured by Assupol Life.

The television commercial is the evolution of Assupol’s previous campaign, expanding on Assupol’s brand proposition of ”serving those who serve”, and recognising that each individual contributes (serves) in ways as varied as the individuals themselves.

“We developed a commercial that speaks to the fact that those who serve the hardest are hardly ever honoured or appreciated. Which is why we decided to celebrate them in one of the most recognisable and iconic ways used to venerate heroes: Through the raising of a monument,” said Velmah Nzembela, Head of Brand and Communications at Assupol.

The cast members present at the launch were the real-life heroes featured in the new commercial – a firefighter, a nurse, and a teacher by profession. Each of these individuals exemplifies the service that Assupol pays tribute to, recognising that those who serve with the most dedication are hardly ever honoured or appreciated, despite their invaluable contributions to society.

While “service” has been Assupol’s guiding light since its inception in 1913, the latest evolution of the brand expands on this ethos, reinforcing Assupol’s commitment to serve the men and women who work hard to put bread in the mouths of their loved ones.

The new strategic positioning “Serving You In Life And In Death” denotes Assupol’s expansive product offering, which goes beyond just funeral and life insurance products, but is tailor-made for every South African who is dedicated to serving, with all they can, all they have and with all they are.

“By turning everyday people into eternal heroes who deserve a service experience equal to that which they give, we are able to demonstrate that Assupol’s service to them is a celebration of them and what they do. The advert’s overall sentiment is sure to resonate with all of those who fully understand the sacrifice that comes with service,” added Nzembela.

The television commercial kicks-off a holistic campaign which will include digital media, social media and print media.


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