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Assupol rises to the challenge 2016

Assupol rises to the challenge 2016

26 Jul 2016

A second year supporting the Sun International CEO SleepOut #4leaders4change

Pretoria, South Africa – Assupol Group CEO Rudi Schmidt will once again SleepOut™ in solidarity and spend the night of 28 July on The Nelson Mandela Bridge, raising funds. An event that raises money for its chosen causes, but also its impact on social innovation in South Africa. Assupol supports the global movement for positive social change and stand up for vulnerable communities in South Africa. This will be the second time that South Africa will be taking part in this global challenge, where compassion is a priority to build a better world for everyone. The 2016 focus will be on providing vulnerable communities with an education, which leads to financial freedom, therefore nobody has to sleep on the streets.

Rudi Schmidt, Assupol Group CEO said: “I am extremely proud and humbled to be part yet again of this highly successful initiative to raise funds for Asha Trust, Columba Leadership and Steve Biko Foundation. I do not see my participation as a sacrifice or a challenge, but rather as a privilege and honour. It gives me time to reflect on the plight of homelessness and particularly the homeless children of South Africa. Homelessness is not a choice and it does not discriminate – all types of people find themselves in situations like these. We as a society cannot ignore this issue. The CEO SleepOut™ is part of a global movement, a medium to kindle hope that we can create a better future for all.”

As a responsible corporate citizen, Assupol’s contribution of R160 000 will make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the success and sustainability of education in South Africa. By committing to take part in The Sun International CEO SleepOut™, Rudi Schmidt amongst fellow #4Leaders4Change aim to gain compassion for the homeless, and raise funds for education – a vital step on the path to ending homelessness. In order to participate, there is a mandatory pledge that must be raised to the value of R160 000. In the spirit of paying it forward, he will pass R100 000 to his nominated outstanding colleague who will in turn help the nominated exception student to raise R50 000. The nominated student will then help the nominated inspiration leader to raise R10 000.

Assupol management at head office has been challenged to support this initiative by voluntarily participating in the Assupol Sympathy SleepOut™. Together they have been challenged to spend the night on the street at Assupol’s Head Office and raise money to be awarded to a specific Assupol selected charity. A skype call between Rudi Schmidt and his management team will raise more awareness and support in the Assupol Group. There will also be some fun for all Assupol employees around the country to feel part of this Sympathy SleepOut™ by joining in the Slippers and Socks day at work.

“This year, we would like to contribute as much as we possibly can to improve lives across our country. We are also calling on organisations to partner with us in support of making this event truly special for our children. As leaders in our communities, any contribution, big or small, will help provide the encouragement that many of our children need to face the breaking of a new day. Most importantly, all our contributions will be donated to a Charity that will be selected by the Assupol Cares employees,” continued Schmidt.

All participating CEOs will once again spend an evening under the African winter sky on The Nelson Mandela Bridge with only a sleeping bag, soup and a cardboard box to endure the next 12 hours under the winter skies. It will give them a glimpse of the discomfort, cold and risks that so many face each evening. But this is not only the fate of the homeless, there are many South African families, including children and infants, who may not sleep on the streets, but still face the same discomfort, cold and danger in their make-shift homes. Let’s change the world together, one small step at a time.

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