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Assupol statement: Rea Tsotella Episode

Assupol statement: Rea Tsotella Episode

31 Mar 2020

Following the recent episode of Rea Tsotella on Moja Love, DSTV channel 157; Assupol is aware of the allegations made on the show alluding to funeral claim services supposedly managed by Rev Dr Meshack Van Wyk for a few of his community members which were met with dissatisfaction.

We can confirm that Assupol had a business relationship with Rev Dr Meshack Van Wyk that ended in 2016 however, we will be in contact with the clients to get more details on the claims.

Assupol is committed to serving its members and to resolving this alleged case. We take this incident in very high regard and we have initiated an investigation as a matter of urgency. We will be contacting all parties involved including the DSTV Channel 157.

We are aware of the concerns expressed by the interviewees on the show and wish to ensure the public that Assupol does not take any misconduct lightly. We are actively reaching out to the Moja Love, DSTV Channel 157 to fully understand the information they were provided with as well as who they have been in contact with at Assupol. We have recently learnt that the show was pre-recorded and as a result Assupol should have had the opportunity to call in or interact with any information provided.

Upon completion of the investigation further communication will be shared with the affected members and our key stakeholders. As Assupol, we aim to reward the trust that our clients have placed on us and are committed to prioritising clients concerns and keeping our promises to stakeholders at all times.

Bridget Mokwena-Halala
Assupol Life CEO

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