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        Celebrating those who serve

        Celebrating those who serve

        18 Jun 2020


        As we settle into the cold rainy seasons of the Southern African winter, we are also bracing ourselves for what has been projected by scientists as months that will see an increasing spike in the number of Covid-19 cases.

        This projection is due to the conditions in which the virus thrives which has been outlined by the presidency and the government. Assupol is dedicated to serving those who serve selflessly like the frontline workers who have been waking up with the desire to help others through this pandemic.

        Praises are hardly sung for people of this magnitude, people who bring us the hope that we too can play a part in protecting ourselves during these uncertain times. Introducing Eagen, a frontline worker who rises at dawn each day and makes her way to work to serve others.

        “We have identified Nurse Eagen, a head nurse at one of a Gauteng hospital whose passion and selflessness has been commendable during these tough times. After engaging with her colleagues and family, we have come to understand that Eagen, like all other essential workers, deserve to be publicly honored. We have taken it upon ourselves to publicly thank Nurse Eagen and all others for serving.” said Assupol CEO Bridget Mokwena-Halala.

        As the country continues to adjust to the new normal, it is imperative that South Africans don’t forget the sacrifices and efforts our essential workers continue to do. This campaign seeks to follow the foots steps of what it takes for our South African Essential / Frontline workers to reach their places of work as well as the work that goes into their day.

        Mokwena-Halala further commented “Serving those who serve is what we are grounded on as an organization, we want all frontline workers to know and trust that the efforts they put in are adding value to the betterment of this country and that we are constantly behind them.”

        To follow nurse Eagen’s story, please follow this link for the digital film online where we thank all essential service members for their hard work and sacrifice. You can spot the Assupol billboards honoring nurse Eagen and all frontline workers, across Johannesburg.

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