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Furthering opportunities for young talent

Furthering opportunities for young talent

01 Apr 2020

Assupol promotes financial inclusion by recruiting female graduates

Serving as an agent of social change is a critical part of Assupol’s 106-year history. South Africa’s high unemployment rate for graduates is one of the social challenges that Assupol is currently tackling through its successful graduate recruitment programme, that was piloted in partnership with Omama Besizwe Investments in December 2017.

To date, the programme has seen 74 graduates recruited and trained as financial advisors.

“South Africa’s high levels of unemployment are concerning. The irony is that we have a large number of graduates, but they struggle to find work – a particularly acute problem among female graduates,” says Virginia Nkosi, Head of the Women Distribution Channel for Assupol. “We are pushing to make the insurance industry more inclusive in a number of ways. In collaboration with Omama Besizwe, we hope to expose such graduates to a greater number of opportunities and optimise their future earning capacity,” says Nkosi.

Omama Besizwe is a black, women-owned organisation that looks for partners to assist in advancing women’s active participation in the South African economy. In 2017, Assupol partnered with the organisation to recruit and appoint young female graduates who hold qualifications related to finance, with a view of supporting them through an extensive training process that prepares them to become financial advisors.

The programme includes workshops in preparation for regulatory examinations and provides support for the women until they are qualified – all geared towards furthering them on their journey to full employment.

“We believe that this partnership will further broaden our client base, fulfil our commitment to bringing about social change and further financial inclusion for businesses within the financial services sector.”

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