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        Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival 2016 Thank You

        Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival 2016 Thank You

        10 Nov 2016

        Assupol would like to extend a very warm thank you to everyone that was involved in the success of the third annual Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival.

        From the talent to the crew to the supporting staff, to the vendors to literally everyone that formed a thread to this tapestry that was the Festival. We have been inundated with overwhelming positive responses from the artists and most importantly from you, the people without whom this event would have not been the success that it was.

        The aim of this event is always to raise funds for the Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation whose primary focus is to restore our South African heritage and to uplift the local artisans of Soweto. In doing that, we wanted to entertain you with good music from different genres, good company and a good vibe. We brought the music and you definitely brought the vibe. We are grateful that we were able to give you the music experience you came for.

        A special thank you to the artists, the man of the hour Bra Hugh, Ringo Madlingozi, GoodLuck, Moonchild, Phusekhemisi, Cameron Ward, DJ Bob and Kenzhero, John Hassan, Fishwives, Urban Village and the Tsonga Bana Cultural Group . You really gave your best and made sure that everyone present was thoroughly entertained. It was also really awesome to experience all the up and coming artists share a stage with the legends.

        A warm thank you also to all the local food vendors who arrived very early to set up and prepare a variety of fresh food for all. A warm thank you also to the vendors who were there to sell their creative bags, clothing, accessories and many other items. Your presence made the festival even more interesting and added to the vibe.

        Now to the crew who worked tirelessly to make the even what it was. The Hilltop Live team, the Semopa team as well as our very own team from Assupol. Thank you very much for your hard work. We are looking forward to planning and executing yet another successful event with you next year.

        A very special thank you to the Soweto Cricket Club for providing the venue, the department of Sports and Recreation, the City of Johannesburg (JOC), SAPS, EMS and all the other local authorities who made the day possible and also made sure that we all enjoyed ourselves safely and responsibly.

        To everyone who attended and stayed even as the rain threatened to shut us down, you refused to let it “rain on our parade” and carried on enjoying the music in your pink Assupol ponchos. Thank you very much for that. Your commitment to supporting this festival has been nothing short of amazing. Without you it wouldn’t at all have been what it was.

        We look forward to the fourth annual Hugh Masekela Heritage festival and trust that it will be bigger and better as you once again welcome us in Soweto and come out in droves with your family and friends.
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