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Assupol’s <em>On-Call</em> support

Assupol’s On-Call support

Our 24-hour telephone helpline is always there for you.

If your Assupol policy includes Assupol’s On-Call support, anyone insured under your policy can receive expert personal support at any time of the day or night.

Assupol’s On-Call support consists of Assupol On-Call and On-Call Plus.

On-Call support consists of:

Assupol On-Call

Provides a wide range of valuable support services, such as transport of deceased persons, transport in medical emergencies, trauma counselling, and helpful information on funeral, financial, and medical matters.

To use this benefit, you must phone 0800 002 614 first, or any costs incurred will be for your own account

On-Call Plus

Provides valuable additional support with instantGroceries® (valid claims are paid within minutes), cellphone airtime, electricity and transport.

To claim these benefits, you must phone 0861 235 664.

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Did you know?

More than 500, 000 lives have been covered under On-Call Plus since 2014

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