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Ultimate Retirement Income 4Life

Ultimate Retirement Income 4Life

Guaranteed income for life and beyond with the Ultimate Retirement Income 4Life

When retiring with us, don’t be concerned about:

  • Investment market performance – Assupol takes the investment risk
  • Living too long and using up all your retirement savings – stay healthy and earn a monthly income for life
  • Your retirement income not increasing yearly to keep up with inflation
  • Dying too soon and leaving your spouse and dependents in financial trouble; we offer
    • A term during which your beneficiary will continue to get a monthly income after your death – this is the guarantee term
    • An option so that your spouse can receive up to 100% of your monthly retirement income – this is the spouse income option
  • Dying without leaving a legacy; we offer a capital guarantee of up to 100% – this is the capital protection.

If you are one of the many people who have not saved sufficiently for retirement, you will have to adjust your spending in retirement. Let Assupol help you by getting you Rewired for Retirement ™ today!

Assupol Rewirement feature is a market-first which gives you a period of time over which to gradually adjust your lifestyle and spending to match your retirement income, rather than a sudden adjustment at your date of retirement. There are a number of other exciting options to add to help you address your post-retirement income needs.

Other features

  • Guaranteed income for life
  • Minimum entry age of 55 years, no maximum age
  • Minimum investment premium of R50 000
  • Policy may not be ceded or used as security for loans, and
  • Once the policy has started, it cannot be cancelled or changed


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