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Rhythm City

Rhythm City has it all:

The battle with the real power brokers of the music industry, the record companies, promoters, producers, DJ’s and the stars – but also the wannabe stars, the has-beens, families and lovers. In Rhythm City, music is the universal language. Viewers can also expect regular cameos from the South African music industry.

Assupol is proud to be the headline sponsor of Rhythm City every weekday on

Rhythm City

Valentine seduces Fats. Bongi finds the ammunition she needs to get David out of Red. Chicken arrives at the club late at night to see Sabelo.

Chicken gives Sabelo a mysterious package. Fats is in for an unpleasant surprise. Bash and Bongi draw closer.

Bongi has her final revenge on David. Fats fires more staff members. Dumi opens Pandora’s Box.

Bongi is under attack from Lungile and David. Sabelo is led further down the wrong path by Chicken. Fats struggles at work.

Dumi gets drawn into Chicken’s world. Lerato tells Bongi some home truths, and they hit home. Mapula receives good news.

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