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Guaranteed-return Single-premium policy

Guaranteed-return Single-premium policy

Take advantage of the markets – without the uncertainty.

You can invest a single premium from R30 000 up to R20 million+ with us and benefit from a guaranteed maturity value so you can plan for your financial goals.

The Guaranteed-return Single-premium Policy provides a guaranteed return for a period of 5 years, tax free, with the underlying investments issued by one of the five main banks in South Africa. The credit risk is taken by Assupol Life, as the policy provides a guaranteed return.

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Guaranteed return Single premium policy

Please contact your nearest Assupol office to speak to an advisor if you want to find out more about our product or contact or 087 098 0390 for more information.

  • The maturity value after five years is guaranteed and will be known from day one.
  • The maturity value is tax-free.
  • The policy can be used as security for a loan.
  • Our competitive rate is determined daily.

Business Process

  • The completed and signed application form must be received on the same day before 13:00 in order to qualify for the rate quoted.
  • All documents stated on the relevant application form must be attached to the application form of the client (FICA, proof of payment, etc.).
  • We (Assupol Life) may offer an alternative rate if the application form is received later than the stated time, and the policy may also only start on the next day.
  • Funds must be deposited before 13:30 to qualify for the indicated rate and we may change the rate if the funds were deposited after 13:30 and market conditions changed.
  • You will be required to provide a new signed quotation.
  • If any documents are outstanding, we may change the rate if the documents are received after the stated time.
  • The payment of funds into Assupol’s bank account does not guarantee that the policy has been accepted or that the client automatically qualifies for the indicative rate. We have the discretion to reject the application particularly where the required FICA documents were not submitted.
  • We will provide you with the banking details as soon as the application and FICA documents were reviewed and was accepted.
  • Confirmation of your investment will be provided within eight hours after the funds were received.

Please ask your intermediary about our Guaranteed-return Single-premium Policy, including special rates on investments above R1 million. Proof of payment of your single premium deposit can be faxed to 087 237 1011 or e-mailed to

Please see below for past performance history and indicative returns*:

* These returns are indicative for investments on the 1st of the next month. The returns may change during the month – the latest indicative returns will be added weekly.

Please find the past performance history and indicative returns below

Single premium amount

Effective dateR30 000 to R49 999R50 000 to R99 999R100 000 to R499 999R500 000 to R999 999R1 000 000 and more
16 July 20185.91%6.38%6.76%6.85%7.19%
9 July 20185.85%6.32%6.70%6.79%7.13%
02 July 20185.98%6.45%6.82%6.91%7.26%
25 June 20185.91%6.38%6.75%6.84%7.18%
18 June 20186.00%6.48%6.85%6.94%7.28%
11 June 20185.97%6.44%6.81%6.90%7.25%

Single premium amount

Effective dateR30 000 to R49 999R50 000 to R99 999R100 000 to R499 999R500 000 to R999 999R1 000 000 and more
01 June 20186.00%6.47%6.84%6.93%7.28%
01 May 20185.68%6.15%6.52%6.62%6.96%
01 April 20185.23%5.70%6.07%6.16%6.50%
01 March 20185.24%5.71%6.08%6.17%6.51%
01 February 20185.21%5.68%6.05%6.14%6.48%
01 January 20185.41%5.88%6.25%6.34%6.68%
01 December 20176.14%6.62%6.99%7.08%7.43%
01 November 20175.49%5.96%6.33%6.42%6.76%
01 October 20175.07%5.53%5.90%5.99%6.33.%
01 September 20175.41%5.88%6.25%6.34%6.68%
01 August 20175.43%5.90%6.27%6.36%6.70%
01 July 20175.31%5.78%6.15%6.24%6.58%
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